Model MproS1 Evo

Screen display with edge for optimal performance and appreciation metal targets with 20 led clearly and accurately in voltmeter.

Constant Voltage Control Battery 12 volt with 2 entries medium and low level.

Model MproS2 Ultimate

Multi Digital Display OLED

Graphical battery status display

Model MproS1 Evo & MproS2 Ultimate

Deep Penetration Ground using automatic Power setting depend coil

Silent Detection with Threshold adjust cause rejection of unwanted noise.

6 Stage Filtering with an operating advantage in all terrain conditions and still in high voltage cables below.

Automatic mode with excellent Ground Balance.

Manual mode rejection with unique advantages.

Double Signal Technology (Sx2)

Enhanced Audio with speaker and headphone jack.

Recognition and Operation with MPROS antennas.

Reception Extra Battery 12 volt.

Specifications MPROS

Dimensions: 255(L) x190(W) x85(H) mm

Weight: 3Kg

Power source: internal rechargeable battery 12V/ 4,7Ah + input for external battery

Usage Time: Autonomy 6 hours with built in battery

Charger: electronic charger with 110-230V AC/ 50-60Hz

Recharge time: approximately 10-240 minutes depending on battery condition

Sound: Built In Speaker 3W + Plug for Headphones

Temperature Operation: - 5 ° C to + 50 ° C

Frequency Type: ELF

Weather Resistant: IP44

Warranty: 2 years (central unit) 1 year (batteries)

Design and specifications subject to change without notice